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has a story.  Let us capture your unique story in a way that will be cherished for generations to come.  Relive the
sights, sounds and emotions of your entore wedding day.  Preserved in crystal-clear, high definition video.  
Uniquely Yours Productions is Colorado's choice for the discriminating bride.  Don't let your Colorado wedding pass
you by without documenting the entire day in High-Definition video.

Uniquely yours productions is Colorado's premier wedding videographer.  Offering wedding videography throughout
Uniquely Yours is a division of Moving Pictures Productions, LLC.  We Specialize in:
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Make your Colorado wedding day one to remember.  Let us tell your unique story the way it should
be told.  Uniquely Yours is Colorado's premier wedding videographer.  Hire us today to capture your
Colorado wedding on DVD.  We offer high-definition weddings and complete coverage of your
Colorado wedding day.Tips For Producing a Unique Wedding Video
Creating a wedding video that is unique to you and your new spouse is not always something a
bride and groom thinks about when hiring a wedding videographer. After all your wedding day is all
about you and the wedding video or DVD should reflect your personal tastes as well.

Videos can be as simple as letting the camera roll on your
Colorado  wedding day or can be as
detailed as a television documentary. When looking for just the right COLORADO  videographer,
couples want someone who can capture that special day with crystal clear video and sound but have
no idea what other options are available. Know that you can customize your video anyway you like
depending on the videographer and your budget.

Your Colorado mountain wedding in Aspen, Estes Park, Evergreen, Vail, Summit County, Glenwood
Springs, Denver, Golden, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs.  We can provide several suggestions for
venues for both ceremony and reception.  Make your Rocky Mountain wedding one to remember.

First when looking for a videographer, check to see if the Colorado wedding videographer belongs to
a professional organization, such as the Wedding and Events Videographers Association
(WEVA.com). Also find out how long the Colorado video company, unique Colorado Weddings, has
been in business. You don't want a novice shooting your video since there is only one chance to get
it right. When requesting demos from prospective videographers, don't just settle for viewing a demo
reel, ask to see several different weddings. Also ask the videographer if he has shot at your wedding
location before and then request to see video from that specific location. When viewing the demo
reel ask yourself if they all look the same, like a cookie cutter presentation or are the videos unique.

When meeting with videographers be prepared and know what you want ahead of time. Bring notes
and take notes. Make sure everything you request is included on a written contract.

With the advances in today's technology the sky is the limit on wedding video options. You can
request whatever your heart desires. The possibility of your special requests all depends on your
budget but here are a few options that can add that special touch to your video.

Real Film - Many videographers are offering real 8mm film as an option or add-on. It is usually just
two-to-four rolls of film edited into the actual video to give a retro flavor that will awe you and your
family. Don't settle for a "film-effect" that is created on a computer, it just isn't the same.

Engagement Music Video - This can be done ahead of time and presented at the reception on big
screen projector. Hire your Colorado wedding videographer to attend your engagement photo
session where he can get behind-the-scenes video that can later be combined with the engagement
photographs. When set to music this can be a wonderful piece to showcase on your wedding day.

The Love Story - This option has exploded in popularity. The Love Story is an interview with the
bride-to-be and her fiancé, which tells the story of how they met and how they arrived at this point.
Some of the video can be shot at the spot where he proposed, at the couples home or favorite spot.
The Love Story is probably the most emotion-packed segment, next to the ceremony video of your
vows. This feature can also be completed ahead of time and presented on a big screen presentation
at the reception.

Photo Montage - Photo Montages have always been popular and can easily achieve that personal
touch without blowing your wedding budget. A photo montage is another great way to tell the story
of how you met or you can go as far back as to your childhood photos. It's all a story of how you
arrived at this day and it is a way to bring new life to those photographs stored in the back of your
closet. The photo montage can also be shown at your reception.

Streaming Video - Many couples personalize their wedding by creating a wedding website to keep
family members in-the-know about changes in upcoming wedding plans. Streaming videos can be
used to create exciting engagement announcements for your wedding website. This would be a good
way to introduce your wedding theme as a movie trailer to increase the anticipation leading up to
your wedding.

Once you hire a Colorado wedding videographer to shoot your wedding, there are things that you
can do to help the videographer create your perfect wedding video:

Give your videographer a copy of the invitation, program with the names of the bridal party and
anyone who will speak at the ceremony, a list of your favorite songs or the DJ play list from the
reception, and a list of anyone who must be in your video, such as your great-grandmother or a
relative who has traveled a great distance to come to your wedding.
Speak to your bridal party at the wedding rehearsal about their placement during the ceremony. Ask
them to be aware of the videographer and to be careful not to block the camera at the ceremony.
Let the videographer know ahead of time if there will be any special performances or live
entertainment such as Flamenco dancers.
Require the videographer to attend the wedding rehearsal. Most experienced Colorado
videographers will include this service in their price list.
With a little creativity and preparation, your wedding video can be as unique as you are. Your
videographer can work with you to give your video that personal touch that will reflect who you are
as a couple and be watched for many years to come.
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